Dos & Don’ts While Booking a Male Escort

Posted on: 20, Oct 2017

If this is the first time you are looking at photographs of male escorts in London, you will feel excited, nervous and maybe a little naughty. But don’t worry; these feelings are common among anyone who forays into the world of male escorts for the first time. As a newbie using the services of a male escort the first time, it is necessary that you understand a few dos and don’ts so that you can book and enjoy the service without any problems.

The Dos

Book a Male Escort from a Reputed Service

If you are booking a male escort for the first time, opt for a reputed escort service to do the booking. These services vet the male escorts and ensure they are reliable and trustworthy. This will give you peace of mind, knowing that you are not going to be spending time with a psychopath!

Check Upfront What the Price Includes

You can speak to the male escort service to find out what the price includes. Invariably, the service will be open about it. Some may check with the escort and then let you know. This ensures you know exactly what to expect when the escort visits you.

Meet in a Crowded Place

When meeting a male escort for the first time, it is advisable to meet in a crowded place rather than your home. You can choose a park, restaurant or even a café to get comfortable and learn a little more about the escort. Then you can decide where to go and what to do next.

Always Use a Condom

Insist on the male escort using a condom. Don’t agree to unprotected sex as you can contract a sexually transmitted disease or worse – HIV/AIDS. This will give you peace of mind and ensure you can enjoy yourself without worrying about anything else.

It’s Okay to Tip

If you have had a wonderful time with the male escort, you can show your appreciation by tipping him. You can tip what you can afford rather than trying to ask the escort. Many male escorts in London get tipped anywhere from a few pounds to hundreds of pounds. So, it varies from one escort to the other.


Don’t Ask About Other Customers

Male escorts are professionals. They will be catering to other women and men. Hence, it is prudent not to speak about the escort’s experience with other clients unless they voluntarily reveal it.

Don’t Reveal Too Much Personal Information

While male escort services vet their escorts, it is still prudent not to reveal too much personal information and details to a complete stranger. The last thing you want is an unscrupulous male escort blackmailing you! Of course, you can use common ice breakers to get the conversation going and to relax into the experience, but more than that is not advisable until you get to know the male escort well.

Don’t Be Shy to Ask What is Allowed

It can be unnerving to use the services of a male escort. However, this should not stop you from asking the escort what is allowed or not allowed. Not all male escorts offer sexual favours. Some are just offer companionship and intelligent coversations. So, don’t be shocked.

These are some of the dos and don’ts that you should be aware of while booking a male escort.